Medicare Supplement


If you are approaching age 65, are on Medicare already or are on Medicare due to Disability I have important information for you.


Phil Mattox, CSA is a Certified Senior Advisor who is an expert on the steps that need to be taken when transitioning to Medicare and Medicare D drug program.


Timing is critical when you are approaching Medicare. If you are going to be on Social Security at age 65 you will be automatically enrolled in both Medicare A & B.  Your Open Enrollment Period is when you can apply for a Medicare Supplement without any health questions. You cannot be turned down and you current pre-existing conditions will be covered day 1.


Your Open Enrollment Period starts 3 months prior to your going on Medicare, the month you go on Medicare, and the next 3 months. Sound complicated? Yes, it is and that is why we are here to help you.


A Medicare Supplement is a health plan that is designed to pay all the deductibles and co-pays that you encounter on any claim that is for Medicare approved services.


Premiums and Co-Pays take a toll on your wallet. We do NOT charge for our services. Our goal is to work with you to lower your economic impact from healthcare.


I can show you how to save money when you apply during Open Enrolment and at no cost for our consultation services.

Medicare D


This is a government drug plan that is administered by private insurance companies. It is a difficult and very confusing process to find out which plan yields you the least out of pocket cost for the year, Jan 1 to Dec 31. What you do not know is that every company can change every aspect of each plan they market each and every year. The deductible, if any, is set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid each and every year. Premiums is just one small factor that must be considered. We take your drug list and run it through calculators to determine which of the 6 plans that will work for you in the current year. We do free reviews for each of our Medicare D clients during the Annual Open Enrolment period which is between Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 of each year with the new plans starting Jan. 1.


We offer many plans with many carriers to find you the best option for the current year for your current Prescription needs.


The most important this to remember is to see someone you can trust, licensed, Certified, and who has years of experience. Work with an agent who will be there year after year to help you with your problems. An agent who will do your Annual Review for you.

Please reach out to us to see what the current rate is for the plan that most fits your needs and your budget.

Medicare Supplement


Medicare Supplements help to offset the costs of Medicare Approved medical bills that would otherwise be the responsibility of the patient.  Medicare supplements do not use a network of Doctors or Hospitals to constrict your medical needs.  You can use your Medicare Supplement policy at any Dr. or facility that accepts Medicare without worries of out-of-network billing.


We now offer Mutual of Omaha, BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois and Aetna Medicare Supplements.  This helps you with more options at your fingertips.  As an added benefit, we also offer consultation after a claim has occurred to help you better understand what bill may or may NOT be coming.  The best advice we tell our customers is to lock up their wallet until they know for a fact that the billing statement is correct.  Let your policy work for YOU!


Please reach out to us to see what the current rate is for the plan that most fits your needs and your budget.


Each carrier offers household discounts as well as zip code specific rates. Let us help you lower your household premiums and medical costs by maximizing your discounts and coverage.


As a Certified Senior Advisor, I established an Office in Downtown Sterling in 1973. My office can handle your needs and concerns now and in the future without a charge to you.


That’s right!!! We never charge for a consultation.